About me

20160521_130722My name is Torbjørn (Toby) Tande, and I was born in the south of Norway in 1979, where I also grew up with my family. After turning 20 years I started to travel the world as a missionary and ended up living in Brazil and Mexico for a long time. In Brazil I met my wife Sara, and we married in January 2007, and now 9 years later we have three beautiful kids – Johan Diego, Michaella and Kevin Andreas.

I started to run in the beginning of 2013, as I wanted to get a little bit fitter so I could play soccer with some friends. After signing up for my first race in November 2013, the Nuevo Leon 21k (finishing at 1:52) I was hooked and have ran ever since.

I have a passion for the longer distances, ultras, and I want to keep pressing on to reach my potential as an ultrarunner and see where it will take me. I’m coached by Lopers Running and my good friend Coach Kevin Hall.


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