20180214_110717Where have I been you might ask? A combination of a busy life as a father of three and some frustration with not performing as well as I had hoped in 2017, resulted in taking some time off from the blog, and from intense training, to discover the joy of running again. So I’m going into 2018 aiming for new goals, new places to run, new races to compete in and with a dream to inspire people around me to join the adventure.

I’ve had a hard time accepting that I can not always run as much as I’ve wanted to, and that I need to adapt my training to my familylife. It’s still difficult when I miss a  scheduled run, but I’ve learned that “life happens” and to adjust my training. I’m also working on planning my training better, so it will fit in a busy life as a father, childrenspastor and runner.

I’m working together with my coach, Kevin Hall, to get fit for a fast marathon in April 2018, hoping to get close to the sub-3 hour finish. I was worried that my “under-training” from the last months of 2017 would affect me, but I’ve had some really good answers to some of my harder workouts this year, and I’m excited to keep pushing forward to reach my goal.20180221_200024

Another exciting news, is that I’ve been chosen to represent Runners World Norway at a 9km trailrace called Råskinnet. It’s a wet and muddy trailrace that will bring me some new and exciting challenges. It’s exciting to meet other athletes and get inspired from their passion for running, and hopefully give back some of that passion. I’m thankful to Runners World for this opportunity, and to Mizuno for some new kicks that I’m exciting to test.

I’m still looking into some ultraraces for this year, still not decided where… hope to announce it soon. I’m also excited to write my blog again, and share my passion with you all, and hopefully inspire you to get out and get moving…


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