A look ahead…

After running the Holmestrand Marathon I’ve enjoyed a good week of total rest, and this week I’m back out on the trails with some easy running. The first couples of days I could still feel my legs heavy after the race, but today I had a really good run and felt light and fast again. The marathon was not my main goal this season, so now it’s time to lift my eyes and look ahead to my two main races this season – ultraraces.

My first raceecotrail is actually just a little over a month away, it will be the Ecotrail Oslo 80km. I will resume training with workouts next week, and main ingredients will be long runs and longer tempo runs. My training for the marathon was not specific marathon training, but focused on the Ecotrail coming up in May, so I will just get back into my plan after enjoying this week of rest.

This will be my first time toeing the line at the Ecotrail, and I’m excited to do an ultrarace with more runable terrain than some of theother races I’ve done. Training over the next weeks will show me where I’m at fitness-wise, but I’m hoping for a
sub-8 hour at the Ecotrail in Oslo.

After Ecotrail I will get a little bit of rest again before I have a
3 month training block focusing all my physical and mental energy on the ttNorwegian Ultratrail Championships in September, which happens to be the Telemark’s Toughest race in Treungen which I ran last year in September, finishing 5th overall. Competition will probably be tougher t
his year, but so will I…

Stay tuned for more detailed posts on races coming up…



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