Through thick and thin

If these running shoes could speak, I guess they would have many interesting stories to tell, both happy endings and not so happy, about sunny days and rainy days and so much more. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, and I know I can trust in them to take me where I want to go, and this trust is becoming so important as I have increased my mileage by a lot the lasIMG_1947t few years. Trust is something really important in our relationships with people as well, with our spouse, kids, friends and colleagues, it’s the base which we build the relationship on, and if we can’t trust each other it
will come tumbling down. So as I work to take care of my running shoes (keep them clean, dry etc) so that they will take care of me (and my feet), I work to look after the needs of my family and friends, so we can have trust and rely on each other. With this foundation of trust, we can go through storms and whatever trial comes our way, because we have each others back and go through it together. This is also true with my running shoes, we now trust each other, and I can rely on them facing paved road, trails, mud, short and faster workouts or the really long runs.

So they say running is a cheap way to exercise, you only need a pair of running shoes and you are good to go… well, this is probably true as you start out, but the more I have ran, the more shoes I “need”. I know, how many pairs of shoes you need, depends on your ambition, mileage, budget etc.. but having at least a couple of pairs which you can use helps you to avoid injury. So here’s a little look at what’s in my shoe-wardrobe right now:

HOKA ONE ONE RAPA NUI 2 (current mileage : 1255km/780mi)
SAUCONY TRIUMPH 10 (current mileage: 1200km/745mi)
SAUCONY KINVARA 4 (current mileage: 600km/372mi)
ADIDAS GLIDE BOOST (current mileage: 632km/392mi)
BROOKS PURECONNECT 4 (current mileage: 330km/205mi)

As you can see, even my newest pair of running shoes got more than 300 km on them already, and the two oldest are over 1200km. As I moved back to Norway, shoes are much more expensive than what they were in Mexico and the US, so of course I can’t afford new shoes that often. But hey, if there’s someone out there working for a running shoe company and you’re looking to sponsor an athlete, I’m available and I’ll gladly wear and brag about how awesome your shoes make me run! Haha… Seriously.

Make sure there’s trust as a foundation in your relationships, and you’ll be amazed to see what you can go through together.



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