Working with a coach


When I started to run a few years ago, that’s exactly what I did – I just ran, because that was what I loved to do. And I did get both faster and stronger as a result of my training, even though I didn’t have any expertise to bring into my training. I’m sure a lot of us have experienced that, and it’s quite logical that if you go from doing nothing to doing something, you’ll get better at it, even if you’re not doing it perfectly. So I just kept on running like this, from time to time I tried some stuff I had read about in an article on Runner’s World or another running magazine out there. And to be honest, I was quite happy with my running and my results, and planned to keep training the same way in the future.

coachkevinCome spring 2015 and my running career would change dramatically, I just didn’t know it yet. I was working with Back2Back Ministries in Monterrey, Mexico at the moment, and we where blessed with a new family coming down from Michigan and joining us as staff. I didn’t take long for me to find out that this new guy, Kevin – was both a runner and really awesome guy. I was blessed to have him as  a friend, colleague, running  buddy, brother in Christ and not long after – as my coach.

I had never had a coach before, but as I started to work with Coach Kevin I knew that I would never go back to running without a coach again. There’s plenty of benefits from working with a coach, and one of the things I really liked in the beginning was knowing purpose and content of each days running before heading out. When I ran on my own, I would lace up my shoes and head out not really knowing what I would do that day, just run by feeling, but now with Kevin as my coach I knew exactly what each days workout would look like and what was the purpose of my run.

I guess I could create a blog just about the benefits from working with a coach, having someone to be accountable to, ask questions when in doubt, motivate you, challenge you etc.. I’ve been working with Coach Kevin for a little over a year now, and I’ve never felt as good as I do right now, and I’ve been able to set new PR’s in a lot of different distances, and also finishing 2nd overall in my first 50-miler.

Having a coach as a runner has been a huge boost for me, and in life having a coach is also highly recommended. God wants to work with us as our coach, we’ll get guidance, motivation, challenges and help reaching our potential, and He will also appoint assistant-coaches (pastors/friends) that will help us get there. Both in running and living we usually know what we should do, but as Paul writes in Romans – we do not do what we want to do, this is where having a coach to guide and encourage us is huge, both for physical and spiritual training.

Joining Coach Kevin and Lopers Running has made such a big difference in my running, and if you are considering getting a coach, I highly recommend it if you want to take your running to the next level.


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