This isn’t high school anymore

20160704_221642Every week my coach Kevin Hall, emails me the plan for the week, and this week as I got the email I saw a new workout. As I am training for ultras, there’s usually two long runs on consecutive days every week, and sometimes in one of the long runs there’s a shorter portion of it that I should run at marathon pace, but this week I saw there was a 32km (20 miles) long run with a 8 km tempo after the first 15km, so my first thought was that my coach had typed it wrong, who would do a 8 km tempo in the middle of a 32 km run? So I texted him to ask about this, and the answer came: “Yes. Tempo. This isn’t high school anymore”.

If we only do what we have always done, we will never find out how much more we can do. We all like to stay in our comfort-zone, whether that is sitting on the couch or running that same distance and pace we have always been running. To reach our potential we need to step out of that comfort-zone and dare to do that which seems impossible or very hard. This is true both in running and in life, whether we’re striving to become a better runner, a better parent or reaching our God-given potential in any other area in life.

So I changed my way of thinking, and chose to see the workout as an opportunity to both improve and test myself, and instead of fearing the long run with the tempo, I got excited about it and told myself I could do this – and I did. In the Bible Paul tells the Romans to be transformed by the renewal of their mind, the way we think influence the outcome of our lives and our training. So I challenge you to step out of your comfort-zone, and reach for that God-given potential that is inside of you, it’s time to step it up – this isn’t high school anymore…

This is my 32km long run with a 8km tempo in it:


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