In the zone – week 6 of 15

IMG_2078This last week was a very exciting one, not only did I continue to run, but I also started a new chapter in going back to school. When I gratuated high school, I decided I would give 1 year to God, and go serve Him, that is 16 years ago, and I never continued to study after that. So I am really excited that I now got the oportunity to study again. I am doing a diploma as a Personal Trainer, studying online through the Norwegian site NKS. This first semester I am doing two subjects: Anatomy and Physiology, and General Nutrition. I have only finished my first week, but I am super-excited to learn more about the body, how it works, and how nutrition plays a big part in that. I hope to one day be able to help others through what I learn, but I am also excited to use all the knowledge I will gain in my own personal training.

This week we have had a little bit of rain some evenings here in Monterrey, it helps lower the temperature which is good for running. When I say it helps lower the temperature, that means that instead of 40C, it is “only” 32-33C, still pretty warm though. The workout of the week was a 15k, where after warm-up I did a 5k at tempo-pace, then walked for 10 minutes and did another 5k tempo, before I cooled down before coming back home. I was especially satisfied with the first of the two 5k’s, as I was able to do it at 4:19/km, going up-hill and with a headwind. The second 5k was a little bit faster, at 4:14/km, but with a tailwind. In the middle of the temporuns, I still fight the desire to stop, walk, take a break – and so far I am winning! I am able to push through, finish it! It is very interesting to see that the signals that our brain sends to our body, telling it to slow down, that I have reached my limit – they are false, because deciding not to give up – there is no limits to what we can do!


I must admit, I have grown a little tired of always running in the same neighbourhood, so this Saturday for my long-run, I decided to try something new and went downtown to Parque Fundidora. It is a beautiful park in the middle of Monterrey, with a nice 4-5km loop, and I extended the loop by running from the park and to downtown Monterrey by the beautiful Santa Lucia channel. This created a 8,5km loop, which I repeated 4 times and then did another kilometer at the end to complete the 35km. As I started running that morning, the temperature was perfect, clouds covering the sun and a little breeze. It was really nice to run in a new place, and I got excited by all the other runners around me. I decided to only bring my handheld bottle, and stop at some vending-machines to fill it up when needed. I was happy, thinking about lots of different things, praying and praising God for his goodness and my body responded well and I felt strong. There were a lot of people in Fundidora this morning, as there was a family race happening, 2k/5k and 10k. I passed the finishline for each lap I did, and I was encouraged by all the other people running around. After about 25km, I started to feel the fatigue setting in, meaning my glycogen storages were getting depleted, so I started some mental warfare, telling myself how strong I am, that this is nothing for me, dividing it up into shorter goals and I felt I got into this “zone” where I was just floating around, and could go on. Yes I was tired, but that wouldn’t stop me! The sun came out the last hour, and the heat started to wear me down too, but I just IMG_2086kept on going until I heard the beep… 35km – done!

So, after the 35km, I got back home, took care of the kids for 6 hours as my wife had plans with a friend. After putting the kids to bed, we went out for dinner and a movie, didn¨t go to bed until 1:30am that night. Sunday-morning I wake up early, go to church, out to lunch, play with the kids… and then at 6:12pm, heading out for another long-run, “only” 25km this time. Floating around on my Hoka One One’s, dropping a few Nuun-tabs in my 2litre bladder, looking for some gels… OH NO, I’m out of gels, what now? Well, I grabbed some raisins, threw them in a zip-lock and headed out. The heat killing me the first hour, but as I turned around to go back home, sun going down, a light breeze through the streets, and once again finding that zone where I could just keep running! Fatigued – but running!

Week 6:

  • Monday: off
  • Tuseday: 10k
  • Wednesday: 15k (2x5k @ tempo, 4:19/k & 4:14/k)
  • Thursday: 12k
  • Friday: 10k
  • Saturday: 35k
  • Sunday: 25k

Total: 107km

I wish you all a blessed running-week! Remember, the first mile is always the hardest, keep running and you will never regret it! There’s endorphins out there for you to discover!


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